Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Diva Weekly Challenge # 155 "A Little White Space" - #2

This Zentangle was inspired by Fish Aquarium p. 34 of The Art of Zentangle with Pennc Raile, CZT.  I used some extra 'white space' in the center as per Challenge # 155.


  1. Hi Joyce, this is gorgeous! What is that tangle in the 4 corners?

    1. I have the Tangle Tangle Guide 2014 Edition and it is not in that. I saw on page 34 of The Art of Zentangle in Penny Raile - CZT's section that she had used it for sea anomies or such in a fish tank scene. I just added the white dots to the center and made the outside section a bit larger and they looked like flowers. They are just two wonky circles, one is blackened in and the other you add lines to. As I said, they looked like flowers to me when I had finished so I added the white dots with a Sekura white Jellyroll pen.