Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Diva Weekly Challenge # 216

UMTS - Brella by Bunny Wright, CZT

Baby Card for Brynn

I did this up for a card for my friend, Bob's new Great granddaughter, Brynn.

R for Ryan

I did this last week at the Wednesday Painting Group I belong to.

D for Diane

I did a card up for my daughter, Diane for her birthday but there is a riff between us.

Another Stacked Tile

I tried another stacked tile with the acrylic ink and plastic wrap background.

Marcus will be 4 this year

I used a template for the 4 and blue and green Pigma micron pens.  The shading is done with pencil crayons.


I tried a stacked tile that a lot of others were doing on the Internet.  This is an acrylic ink background with plastic wrap.


I started with a flower in the centre on a tile that had an acrylic wash on it and tangled from there.  I added Printemps to the background to tie it all together with a pink micron pen by Sakura.

Paisley Shape

Penny Raile said to start in the centre with a paisley shape and go from there, so I did and this is what happened.  I started with a tile that I had put some acrylic ink on then dabbed it with plastic wrap.