Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 18-3 of One Zentangle a Day

This is another Zentangle from the One Zentangle a Day book.  The assignment for Day 18 was also to do a Zentangle somewhere else with a grab and go kit.  I couldn't sleep so I took my kit, etc. into the guest room and did it on the desk in there.  I haven't done any Zentanges for awhile so hopefully this will inspire me to get back into it.  I grabbed one of the tiles that I had done a watercolour wash on, drew some strings and began tangling in the sections.
Last week on the Diva Challenge they all used my tangle, Bugles.  I only got to thank the first 46 people who used it.  I would like to thank them all here.  It was wonderful to see how people used their creative talents and came up with so many different variations, ones that I would never have thought of.  Thank you all for participating.  I was honoured.