Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I started by drawing Venetian by Elaine Benfatto then added some designs out of the edges of that.
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  1. Joyce, I have been paging through your blog and really love your work, it seems to flow so freely and I adore the way you apply colour, just beautiful.
    I was wondering what do you do with all your tiles and work and how do you store them?

  2. Thank you for admiring my work. According to my blog I think I have made 1,000 Zentangles now.
    I store the tiles in black-paged photo albums. I like the ones with two 4 x 6 inch slots per page and about 200 slots per album. I purchase these at either Wallmart, Michael's or London Drugs.
    Some of my tiles I have made into greeting cards. I buy note cards and attach the Zentangle to a backing and then attach this to the front of the card.
    I managed to purchase some 4 x 4 inch black frames from Michael's so have about 10 of those on display in a wall cabinet.